Denzel Washington (1954)

Denzel Washington

1954 On the 28th of December is born Denzel Washington in Mount Vernon, New York, USA. He is one of the best action movies actors.

1977 Denzel graduates from Fordham University, where he studied Drama and Journalism.

1981 The actor makes his movie start in the comedy Carbon Copy.

1982  Denzel gets a starring role in the tv series St Elsewhere.

1983 Denzel Washington marries actress Pauletta Pearson, with whom he has four children.

1987 Washington gets his first Oscar nomination, for the role in Cry Freedom in which he plays the political activist Steven Biko. Over the years nominations for the big awards will become regular.

1989 He wins his first Oscar for supporting actor, for the movie Glory in which he plays a soldier dealing with racism.

1992 Denzel gets another Academy Award nomination for Malcolm X. The role is one of the best of his career.

1993 The movie Philadelphia is released, in which he stars among Tom Hanks. The movie gets many nominations. 

1999 The movie The Hurricane is released, bringing him a Golden Globe and many other nominations.

2001 Denzel wins his second Oscar, after starring in the action movie Training Day.

2002 Washington makes his directorial start with the drama Antwone Fisher, very well received by the audience.

2004 The movie Man on Fire is released, being a huge success.

2007 Denzel plays among Russel Crowe in American Gangster, a movie that sets new selling records.

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