Clint Eastwood (1930)

Clint Eastwood

1930 On the 31st  of May Clint Eastwood Jr is born in San Francisco, California, USA. Clint Eastwood is a famous american actor and director who gained fame by playing in  western movies.

1950 Eastwood joins the american Special Services troups in the army. While there, he meets actors David Janssen and Martin Milner, who convince him to have an audition when he gets back from the army.

1953 Clint marries Maggie Johnson, with whom he will have an almost 30 years marriage and  two children. Over the time Clint will have several children outside his marriage.

1954 Eastwood makes a good impression on Arthur Lubin, who gives him a contract with Universal Studios. Lubin becomes Clint’s mentor and sends him to take acting lessons in order to prepare.

1955 The actor makes his start in movies, playing small roles in the silent movies Revenge of the Creature and Tarantula.

1958 Eastwood gets a role in the western tv series Rawhide. The series is very successful.

1963 The actor stars in the italian production A Fistful of Dollars. His anti-hero interpretation of the Man with No Name gets him international fame. The success of the movie makes the producers launch the sequels For a Few Dollars More and The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

1967 Eastwood launches Malpaso Productions, his own production studios.  

1968 Hang 'Em High becomes the first movie produced at Malpaso Productions. The movie is well received by both critics and the audience.

1971 Eastwood starts his directorial career with the movie Play Misty For Me, a thriller in which he also stars. The same years he plays in Dirty Harry. The role of Harry Callahan becomes the most famous of his career. The movie is a huge success and has 4 sequels over 17 years. The movie is also considered to be one of the first action movies as we know them today.

1988 Clint directs the biographical movie Bird, about the life of Charlie Parker. The movie wins him credits for being a good director.

1992 The directorial success goes on with Unforgiven, movie that also wins the Oscar for Best Picture. The whole ‘90s  are used to build his directorial career.

1996 Eastwood marries Dina Ruiz, with whom he will have a 18 years marriage.

2003 The movie Mystic River is launched, movie that wins an Oscar and gets many nominations. Eastwood chooses Sean Penn and Tim Robbins for the main roles.

2005 Clint directs and stars in Million Dollar Baby. The movie wins an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for best director, among other prizes and nominations. The same year Eastwood receives a Screen Actors Guild award for his entire career.

2008 Clint directs The Changeling, movie for which he chooses Angelina Jolie to star.

2014 Jersey Boys and American Sniper are launched, with big directorial success. 

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