Gheorghe Dinica (1934-2009)

Gheorghe Dinica

1934 Officially, on January 1st, on the outskirts of Bucharest, in Giulesti, Gheorghe Dinica was born, but it seems like it had actually happened on December 25, 1933. His parents registered him just after the winter holidays. He was a famous Romanian theatre and film actor. He spent his childhood in Giulesti, close to his parents, Peter and Jana Dinica.

1944 By magic, he survived the German bombing over Bucharest. Many of his playmates were killed, and Dinica remained marked all his life because of those terrible moments.

When he was 17, Grivita Avenue cinema woke his desire to become an actor, checking his talent in different amateur theatre groups, which played, Moliere, Shakespeare, but also Romanian dramaturgy.

1957 He went to the National Institute of Theatre and Film in Bucharest.

1961 He graduated the Institute and in the same year he made his debut on the stage of the professional theatre playing the role of Goole Inspector from “The Police Inspector”.

1961–1967 During this period he interpreted many roles at the Comedy Theatre in Bucharest.

1961–2006 Over 45 years of theatre career, Gheorghe Dinica enshrined in its history by many performances, such as: “The Police Inspector” (1961), “The House of Broken Hearts” (1963), “The Saint” (1968), “Romulus the Great” (1977), “A Lost Letter” (1979), “Quench Eminescu” (2000), “The Undeniable Hypocrisy” (2006).

1963 This year he began in cinemas with a role in the movie called “The Stranger”, a film adaptation based on the novel written by Titus Popovici.

1963–2009 From his film debut to his death, Dinica played in more than 70 movies, of which we mention: “The Stranger” (1963), “The Column” (1968), “Felix and Otilia” (1972), “Bacchus secret” (1983), “Dangerous flight” (1984), “Divorce and love” (1991), “Philanthropic” (2001), Orient Express” (2004) and many others.

1968–1969 He played for Bulandra Theatre in Bucharest.

1972 Dinica started to delight the audience to I. L. Caragiale National Theatre in Bucharest. He got ACIN Award for “The Explosion”, “Felix and Otilia”, “The Barrier”, “Then I condemned them all to death”.

1975 He got ACIN Award for “Postcards with field flowers”.

1996 At the age of 60, Dinica married Gabriela Georgeta.

1999 He was given UNITER Award of Excellence.

2001 He was given the title of “Bucharest Honorary Citizen”.

2002 He was offered many awards and honours. He was established as an honorary member of the association called “Ion Luca Caragiale” National Theatre, he was given UCIN Special Award for the role “Prince” in “Philanthropic”, and V.I.P. magazine gave him the title: “The Actor of 2000”.

2003–2006 Music was also one of his talents. This period he recorded some CDs: “Party songs” (2003), “Party songs 2” (2003), “Romances” (2004), “I give my word I love you” (2006).

2008 He was given the honour of “Doctor Honoris Causa”, by the National University of Theatre and Film “I. L. Caragiale”, in Bucharest.

2008–2009 The great actor played roles in many soaps like: “Gypsy Heart” (2008), “The Queen” (2009) or “Aniela” (2009).

2009 On November 10th, while he was hospitalized to the Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, due to many serious diagnoses, the great actor suffered a heart attack and died, despite of the prolonged resuscitations maneuvers. On November 13th, he was buried in Bellu cemetery.


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