Șerban Ionescu (1950-2012)

Serban Ionescu

1950 On September 23rd, in Corabia, Olt county, Romanian actor Serban Ionescu was born.

1978 He graduated “I. L. Caragiale” Film and Theatre Institute, as a student of Amza Pellea. He worked for the Theatre in Petrosani and for that in Sibiu. His first role in Bucharest, was in the play called “Some peasants” by Dinu Sararu, at the Little Theatre.

1979 He made his debut in movies, as the main character in a film adaptation based on “Ion, the curse of the land, the curse of love” written by Liviu Rebreanu and directed by Mircea Muresan, the movie being considered the 80s revelation.

The roles in his filmography confirm the fame he had from the beginning: “Lights and shadows” (1979 – 1982, TV series), “Burebista” (1980), “Mercenaries Trap” (1981), “The Lumberjacks” (1982), “Impossible Love” (1983), “Horea” (1984), “The Wood woman” (1986), “Mircea” (1988). After the Revolution he remarked himself because of the movies: “The Red Rats” (1990), “The Staying” (1990), “The Mirror – The beginning of the truth” (1993), “Chira Chiralina” (1993), “Too late” (1996), “Mary” (2003), “Timisoara Syndrome” (2004), “15” (2005), “Poisoned dreams” (2006), “Pacala comes back” (2006), “Beyond America” (2008). He played in Dan Chisu’s film, “WebSiteStory”, which was his debut in features (May, 2005).

1982–1992 During this period, he performed for the Comedy Theatre in Bucharest.

1992–2002 During this period he worked for Odeon Theatre in Bucharest.

2002 Starting with June, he collaborated at the National Theatre. Among the plays he played in on the stage of the National Theatre in Bucharest, famous shows, we mention: “The Film Director”, directed by Serghei Cerkasski (2002), “Murder for Land” based on the novel written by Dinu Sararu, directed by Grigore Gonta (2002), “A Lost Letter” by I. L. Caragiale, under the same direction (2003), “Sunset” by Barbu Delavrancea, directed by Dan Pita (2004). He played the role of Savelov, in “The thinking” by Leonid Andreev, directed by Felix Alexa (2005), Schwonder in “Dog Heart” based on Mihail Bulgakov – the very awarded show directed by Yurij Kordonskiy (200), the Interior Minister in “Red Comedy” by Constantin Turturica, directed by Alexandru Tocilescu (2006), King John II in “Eduard III” by William Shakespeare, directed by Alexandru Tocilescu (2008).

       In 2002, too, he got UCIN Award of Excellence for 2002 and the “Faithful Service” National Distinction, in Knight.

2010 On January 10th, the premiere took place, in which he participated to the alternative distribution of “Molto, gran’ impressione” show, directed by Dan Tudor (Romulus Vulpescu’s script). On April 23rd, 2010, there was the premiere of “The Cherry Orchard” by A.P. Cehov, directed by Felix Alexa, where Serban Ionescu played the role of Gaev.

2011 On February, “The Humility” movie was released, and Serban Ionescu played the main role [www.cotidianul.ro].

2012 On November 21st, Serban Ionescu died, at Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest. The actor had been suffering for more than one year from an incurable disease. On mid August, he was initially with diagnosed with borreliosis, came back from a German Clinic where he was cared about and where he was diagnosed with amyotrophic sclerosis [www.zf.ro].




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