Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968)

Yuri Gagarin

1934 On March 9th, in Klushino (now Gagarin), Russia, Yuri Gagarin was born, also known as: “first man in space”. He was the son of a carpenter in a collective farm.

1951 Gagarin graduated a trade school near Moscow. He continued his studies at the Industrial High School in Saratov, and attended in the same time a flight course.

1957 He graduated Soviet Air Forces Academy and put on him the astronaut suit in 1960 for the first time. After his flight, he remained famous wearing that suit.

1961 On April, 12th, Yuri Gagarin flew into orbit, in the Soviet spacecraft called Vostok I, becoming the first man in space. He orbited one time around the Earth (his capsule was managed from the ground), before coming to land on safe conditions in Soviet Union, almost 90 minutes later.

The flight made him an international hero. He was decorated with Lenin Distinction and he was made deputy in the Sovietic Parliament. The flight was also considered a political victory for the Union, because the U.S.A had not sent any man into space until Alan Shepard, on May 5th, 1961. Many monuments were built in the Soviet Union, and the streets were renamed into his honour.

Throw the springboard, Gagarin stopped to empty the bladder. This fact became a tradition, all the next astronauts urinated on the rear wheel of the bus that transported them [en.wikipedia.org].

Gagarin had never entered the space after that, but he had an active role in training other astronauts. He made many tournaments in other countries, after his historic flight.

1968 Gagarin died after the plane he was in crashed. It seems it was a training flight, a routine one. His ash was put in a niche into Kremlin wall. There were elements which doubt the time and the date of the catastrophe, but also its circumstances. The results of the report have not been publicly until now; these, together with wreckage, stored in Research Institute No. 13 of Ministry of Defence, were classified. During the years, more possible tracks were launched, tracks which made the pilot disappear prematurely. In short time after SSRU unravelling, many specialists who took part in investigation declared that the plane had gone into a tailspin. Another hypothesis sustains that the plane would have hit a weather balloon. There were other hypotheses, too, but less plausible, and other references were made regarding a pilot error corroborated to a technical malfunction of the plane, a murdering ordered by Leonid Brejnev [ro.wikipedia.org]. Gagarin was followed into space by a Russian dog, Laika.



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