Attila (404-453)


404 This seems to be the year when Attila was born. Skilled riders that had come behind Asia, Huns were the fastest and the most furious fighters that world had seen until that moment. Until Attila was born, Huns had arrived on Danube shores – close to hard tried borders of Roman Empire. Born within the family that had given Huns leaders, it is said that Attila would have spent a period in Rome, during his adolescence, but this experience apparently made him strongly wish to conquer the metropolis.

435 Attila became king of Huns. He had this chance when his uncle, king Rua, died. Together with his brother, Attila inherited a huge territory – from Alps and Baltic Sea, in West, to Caspian Sea, in West.

Described by his contemporaries as a short and strong man, with a flat nose and a rare beard, cranky but, in the same time, a good negotiator, tenacious, Attila consolidated his dominance over barbarian tribes in Central and Northern Europe, by conquering or allying with them.

441 He attacked Eastern Roman Empire declaring that he wanted to take by force the unpaid toll by emperor Theodosius. During the next few years, Attila proved to be an extraordinary commander: he made his way to Constantinople gates, burned down cites like Belgrade and Sofia, crushed the remains of Eastern Roman Empire during the battle from Gallipoli. By peace treaty signed after, Eastern Roman Empire committed to pay an extra 1050 kilos of gold every year, except the toll already owed.

445 Attila killed his brother, Bleda, and then took control over the entire kingdom and started a new war against Eastern Roman Empire.

449 War finished; Attila won some territories too, except the toll.

450 Attila invaded Gaul then Visigoths Kingdom. His declared goal was the wedding with emperor’s sister, Honoroa, and as endow, he asked for half of Western Roman Empire. Attila destroyed Metz city and he almost conquered Orleans before going to South, towards Chalons.

451 He was defeated in Chalons battle. Attila suffered bloody defeat in front of Flavius Aetius and of Gallic and Visigoth Tribes coalition, led by Romans.

452 Attila invaded Italy, had looted Northern cities and his armies conquered Aquileia, Padua, Verona, Brescia, Bergamo and Milan, before something really extraordinary happened. To meet his armies, on Garda lake shores, got out a group led by a man with a grey beard. Nobody knows what really happened, but Pope Leon I convinced Attila in a way to withdraw.

453 On the way toward home, he kidnapped a girl called Ildico and married her after he had come back to Tisa. The wedding was a beautiful one. Attila had been married many times and had many sons, but this time festivities came from hacking to him. He died the night of his wedding because of stroke, “suffocated by a torrent of blood”. He was buried in a secret place with a lot of treasures and with some close people. [1]





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