Charles de Gaulle

1890 Charles de Gaulle was born to Lille, in the North of France on November 22nd. He was an army commander and a politician who led France through two major crises. The first was represented by World War II and Nazi German defeat. The second was the birth of the Fifth French Republic and the Independence of Algeria.

1913 He graduated Saint-Cyr Academy and became a second lieutenant.

1916 He was caught and wounded by Germans at Verdun where he spent two years and half as a war prisoner and tried five times to escape.

After war, between periods he worked or performed his military college training, he was sent on missions in Poland, Rhineland and in the Middle East. Once he was upgraded as a Lieutenant Colonel and as a member of National Defence Council. De Gaulle also wrote many books and articles about military subjects proving his talent as a writer but also as a thinker.

1940 He was appointed Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Defence.

1940 When the war started, de Gaulle led a tank brigade and on June 6th, when he had been already appointed, temporary he was brigade General and was called to take part in besieged govern as an Undersecretary of State. When Marshal Petain took the power of the Govern ten days after, with the intention to surrender, de Gaulle ran to London and addressed a call to French Resistance on June 18th.

1943 He transferred his headquarter to Algeria.

1944 The first victory happened after he had come back to Paris, on August, immediately after the allied forces had landed to Normandy.

1945 He took the power as the president of a temporarily govern and led France during a hard period of making a new Constitution.

1958 Revolts in Algeria, French possession at that time, combined with a galloping inflation and domestic financial instability led France again on the brink of abyss. The outbreak of a civil war represented a serious threaten. De Gaulle came back to politics and this time succeeded in everything he wanted. This year too he was chosen the president of the Fifth French Republic which had a new constitution which is still in force.

1962 He gave total independence to Algeria and gave up to the other French colonies. Selfish and convinced nationalist, de Gaulle proposed to strengthen France from financial and military point of view. He put into operation his nuclear defence system and got France out of NATO countries.

1956 He won the second term as president.

1968 France was shaken by violent demonstrations of university students, followed by strike.

1969 He resigned after he had lost the referendum on reforms.

1970 He died at Colombey-lea-Deux-Eglises, on November 9th.