Diocletian (236–316)


236 (according to other sources 237) This seems to be the year when Roman Emperor Diocletian was born, on Dalmatian Coast, maybe in Salona, in a humble family and got the name of Diocles. His military career seemed to be the most suitable for him and became dux, duke, in Moesia.

283 Troops from the Danube proclaimed the praetorian prefect, Carus, as emperor. He joined the favours of Carus and got the command of chivalry becoming a consul.

284 Carus died and was immediately followed by his son, so he was proclaimed emperor and changed his name from Diocles into Diocletian.

285 The other son of Carus, Carinus, was killed near Belgrade, fact that allowed him to lead the entire empire.

At the end of century III, Roman Empire’s situation was harder and harder. Diocletian tried to save it and changed the way of ruling. To strengthen the empire he introduced tetrarchy system, leadership in two, then in four.

285 He associated Maximianus to leadership, a man that was identified with Hercules and Diocletian with Jupiter. Later, Constantinus and Galerus also became rulers and so the tetrarchy was exquisite. Diocletian reorganized the administration, the army and finances.

305 On May 5th, Diocletian decided to resign in order to find out if the system was working. Retired at Split, he refused to be involved into public life even if his successors did not succeed to understand each other and the war started.

316 On December 3rd, he died and left behind a long string of conflicts that would lead to Roman Empire’s fall. [ro.biography.name]




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