Ferdinand I of Romania (1865-1927)

Ferdinand I of Romania

1865 On The 24th of August Ferdinand I, King of Romania, Prince of Romania, Prince of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, was born as Ferdinand Viktor Albert Meirad von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. Born in Sigmaringen, in the South-West of Germany, Roman Catholic Prince, Ferdinand Viktor Albert Meinrad of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen was the son of Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen and of Infant Antonia of Portugal, Maria II and Ferdinand (Prince of Saxa-Coburg and Gotha) II’s daughter.

1888 Young Ferdinand became his uncle’s heir, King Carol of Romania, on November, after his father had given up and then his elder brother, Wilhelm, in 1886.

1889 Romanian Parliament recognized him as Prince of Romania. Romanian Government did not ask his conversion from Catholicism to Orthodoxism, but it asked his next sons to be Orthodox, Romania’s state religion.

He had an idyll with the poetess Elena Vacarescu, Queen Elisabeth’s bridesmaid (a relationship that was interrupted by Council of Ministers that reminded to the Prince that the Royal Family’s members could marry only to Princesses of foreign origin).

1890 He was an Honorary Member of Romanian Academy.

1893 On the 10th of January, Prince Ferdinand married to Princess Maria of Edinburgh, the niece of Queen Victoria of Great Britain and of Tsar Alexander II of Russia. Together they had three sons and three daughters, the eldest son, baptized Carol, would become King Carol II of Romania.

1914-1927 He was Romanian Academy’s guardian and Honorary President.

1914 Ferdinand became King of Romania, when he was 49 years old, taking the solemnly oath and promising that he would be “a good Romanian”.

1916 On the 14/27th of August, even if he was a relative of Royal Family, Hohenzollern, that was ruling Germany, Ferdinand decided, together with Crown Council and especially because of Queen Maria, Romania’s entry to the First World War by Entente’s side against Germany and Austrian-Hungarian, so making the most important step for Great Romania’s goal implementation. By all Romanians’ excitement, situation on the battle field was not a favourable one due to the fact that a big part of Romania’s territory was occupied by Central Powers’ troops. Ferdinand and the entire Romanian Government fled on November 1916 at Iasi. For the King and his family it was an extremely hard period when all the plans seemed to fail.

1917 Prince Mircea, the sixth child of the Royal couple died when he was only 4 because of typhoid fever. Even if his family from Germany disowned him and at Hohenzollern Castle mourning flag was hoisted, Ferdinand did not lose his wishes. So, he refused to ratify separated peace between Central Powers and Romania. In the end, situation would change.

1918 During this year, Great Romania’s birth year, Ferdinand came back triumphantly leading his heroic troops, crossing under the Triumph Arch welcomed by the enthusiastic people.

1921 Ferdinand would have the joy to live his grandchild’s birth, Mihai, son of Carol and Elena. Nevertheless, Carol and Elena’s marriage would not last for a long time; throne’s heir left his wife and his son and went to Paris together with his lover, Elena Lupescu. In the end, troubled hearted, the King appointed as successor to the throne his grandchild, Mihai, and disowned his own child, Carol.

1922 On the 15th of October, Ferdinand was crowned as King of Great Romania by a spectacular ceremony at Alba-Iulia.

During his reign internal political life was dominated by National Liberal Party led by brothers Ion and Vintila Bratianu. Transylvania’s conquest enlarged opposition’s election whose main parties united on January 1925 October 1926 to establish National Peasant Party.

1927 Ferdinand died because of intestinal cancer and was succeeded to the throne by his grandchild, Mihai, under a regency formed by three people, one of them being his second son, Prince Nicolae.[1]




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