Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882–1945)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

1882 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, New York, USA, on the 30th of January. Born within a rich Dutch family, to an estate close to Hudson watercourse, Roosevelt enjoyed a classical patrician education, on the Eastern Coast of USA. He was elected as USA’s president for four times (unprecedented fact in American history), he pulled Americans out of the great economical crisis and ruled them during the World War II. Controversial and unsteady patrician, “FDR” transformed federal administration and opened the way by which USA became a superpower of century XX.

1903 He graduated Harvard University.

1907 He graduated Columbia Law School.

1910 He was elected as a member of New York Senate.

1913 He was appointed assistant secretary of Military Navy.

1920 He was nominated for the position of vice president of Democratic Party. In the same year, 39 years old, Roosevelt got sick of polio. He fought a lot in order to retrieve the control over his legs, especially by swimming, but he would have been forced to use wheelchair and crutches for all his life.

1928 He became New York’s Governor.

1932 He got the first term as president. Until the end of the mandate, Roosevelt succeeded to introduce social insurances, unemployment benefits, control over banking operations, higher fees and stopped prohibition. But in spite of his resurgent optimism, a supported increasing was noticed only when the national economy started to sustain the efforts for the war. By New Deal Programme, federal authorities significantly and irreversibly expanded their power within American society. Even if this programme was democratically implemented, Conservators sustained that Roosevelt struck the civil rights and the individuals’ freedom. They did not agree at all trade unions strengthening.

1933 He recognized Soviet Union and he almost did not intervene during the period when Adolf Hitler took over the power, started the war in Europe and began mass murder of Jewish and gipsy people. When Poland, France and Belgium were defeated by Hitler’s armies and England’s siege started, Roosevelt, limited by the Congress, could give only non-military assistance. In the end he offered a “non neutral” consistent help to Great Britain and Russia, help that consisted of warships too.

1936 Roosevelt was elected again by a greater majority of votes this time and tried to expand more and more federal authority over High Court, institution that had blocked one of New Deal Set’s law. He lost this fight but he succeeded to enact the Government’s right to manage the economy.

1940 He was elected for the third time promising that American young people would not lose their blood for foreign wars.

1941 Pearl Harbour. USA joined World War II.

1944 He got his fourth mandate, unprecedented fact for America.

1945 He died at Warm Springs, in Georgia, on the 12th of April, less than one month before Nazi Germany’s capitulation.