Hannibal (247-183 BC)


247 BC This seems to be the approximate year when general and Carthaginian statesman Hannibal was born; he is considered one of the greatest military commanders in history and one of the worst enemy of Roman Republic. He was born in the North of Africa (Tunisia nowadays) and was son of Hamilcar Barcas.

237 BC When he was only 9 years old, he went together with his father and brothers to an expedition to Spain, after he had sworn eternal hatred to Rome. His name can be translated as “Baal’s joy”, Baal being one of the most important gods of Carthaginians, warrior with helmet and flash in hand, god of mountain tops, of storms, of flashes and of benefactress rain. It was a suitable name for a fearsome warrior.

218 BC Hannibal crossed Pyrenees to invade Italy when he was 29 years old. He was together with 90.000 pedestrians, 12.000 horsemen and 37 elephants. While he was crossing Pyrenees and Alps, Hannibal lost many soldiers and arrived to Italy only with 20.000 pedestrians and 6000 horsemen. The first conflict between Hannibal and Romans took place on Ticinus River’s shore and the Romans led by Consul Publius Scipio were defeated. Carthaginians got another victory at Trebia.

217 BC He defeated Romans again at Trasimenus Lake.

216 BC Hannibal went to Adriatic Coasts and conquered Cannae within a battle called “a disaster” by Titus Livius. Romans’ loss was huge, over 50.000 soldiers.

Hannibal’s advancement was stopped because of a very good military strategy by Roman General Scipio, who would succeed to defeat him and who was called the African.

195 BC After he had defeated Romans but he had also been defeated, Hannibal was forced to leave, taking refuge to Antioch III, King of Syria.

190 BC His exile was not a quiet one because after Romans had defeated Antioch at Mognesia, he ran to Bithynia’s King’s Court, Prusias II.

183 BC He killed himself.




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