Hugo Chávez (1954-2013)

Hugo Chávez

1954 On the 28th of July Hugo Chavez was born at Sabaneta, Venezuela. He was a Venezuelan politician and president of Venezuela for 14 years, from 1999 to his death, in 2013.  Chavez family had Amerindian, African-Venezuelan origins and also Spanish descendants. His parents, Hugo de Los Reyes Chavez and Elena Frias de Chavez, were teachers in a little village in Los Ratrojos.

1971-1975 During this time, Hugo attended the courses of Military Sciences Academy in Caracas. Here he was one of the best students in the class that attended a restricted curriculum known as Andres Bello Plan. This plan was established by a group of nationalist military officers who believed that the change was necessary within army.

1974 Chavez was selected to be the representative of commemoration of 150 years since Ayacucho battle, in Peru, conflict within Simon Bolivar’s lieutenant, Antonio Jose de Sucre, defeated Royal forces during Independence War in Peru.

1976 After graduating, Chavez worked as communications officer for a counterinsurgency unit in Barinas.

1977 The unit he took part in was transferred to Anzoategui, where they were implied in Red Flag Party’s fight, a Marxist-Hoxhaist insurgency group. After his intervention regarding torture prevention of a possible insurgent by the other soldiers, Chavez started to doubt related to the army and to its methods to torture. In 1977 he also founded revolutionary motion within armed forces hoping that one day he would introduce a leftist government in Venezuela: Venezuelan People’s Liberation Army (Ejercito de Liberacion del Pueblo de Venezuela, or ELPV), a secret body within military system that was established by him a few of his soldier colleagues that supported him.

1982 On the 17th of December he established Revolutionary Bolivarian Motion (RBM).

1990 He obtained a degree in political sciences from “Simon Bolivar” University in Caracas.

1991-1992 During this period he attended Engineering within Superior School of War. While he was studying at School of War he led military parachute battalion called “Colonel Antonio Nicolas Briceno” in Maracay.

1992 Lieutenant-colonel Chavez tried a coup against President Carlos Andres Perez, who would send him to prison for 2 years, fact that paradoxically made him Very popular.

1997 On the 29th of July, Hugo Chavez founded Motion of the V Republic (MVR).

1998 On June, Chavez’s party established together with Motion for Socialism (MAS) and Fatherland for All (PPT), Patriotic Alliance (AP). After that other 13 parties joined this, together constituting Patriotic Pole (PP). This year Chavez also won presidential elections with 56% of votes. Hugo Chavez, leading the first South American oil exporter, became popular because of many social programmes regarding health and education. The most disadvantaged people owe even now limitless gratitude to him, repeating that he restored their “dignity” despite of a galloping inflation.

2000 He was elected again president, on the 30th of July, for a six years term (according to the new Constitution entered into force on the 30th of December 1999).

2002 On the 12th of April, he was the victim of a coup and was ousted for 48 hours by a junta led by Venezuelan Employers chief, Pedro Carmona. Miraflores presidential palace storming, by Hugo Chavez’s partisans, supported by land army and National Guard, led to Pedro Carmona’s arrest. President Hugo Chavez was officially reinstated on his position on the 14th of April by the enactment of a decree signed by vice president Disdado Cabello.

2004 On August, opposition organized a referendum in order to remove Chavez. The result demonstrated that “president of poor people” could not be shaken.

2006 Venezuelan leader was reelected for a new mandate on the 3rd of December and he was “ready” to lead until 2021, a symbolic year that would celebrate 200 years since the country had obtained its independence.

2011 He was diagnosed with cancer. On the 30th of July, Chavez announced that he was recovering at Havana, after an operation done on the 10th of June to remove a cancerous tumour.

2012 On October, Chavez was elected again with 54,42% of votes against 44,97% of the adversary, Henrique Capriles Radonski, after 90% of ballots were counted. This was the third presidential term (after 2000 and 2006) from the Constitution adopted in 1999. Having an imposing stature, the former tireless speaker had been weakened during the last months, bald and fatter, after two operations, in 2011 and 2012 in Cuba, after being diagnosed with cancer.

2013 On the 5th of March, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez passed away being 58 years old. In many people’s opinion he was the new “Latin America’s liberator” under USA domination. Within his speeches, he used to quote Che Guevara and invoked Simon Bolivar, partisan of national independence. He was equally a great admirer of former Cuban president Fidel Castro that he called “his father”.[1]



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