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Ho Chi Minh

1890 On the 19th of May, Ho Chi Min (Nguyen Tat Thanh) was born in Kim-lien, Central Vietnam; he was son of a petty official in Vietnam, country under French domination. He was a Vietnamese communist leader who ruled his country during independence war against France and USA. He died before USA’s defeat but his revolutionary dedication and determination shaped the post communist map of Southeast Asia.

1907 He was a teacher.

1911 He went to the seaside by a French cruise ship as a steward.

1912-1923 He travelled and worked all around the world then he practiced a lot of jobs to Paris and London – bottle washer, gardener, sweeper, waiter and he also retouched photos. During Versailles Peace Conference, that happened after the World War I he tried to meet USA president, Wilson, in order to sustain an independent Vietnam. But he was refused: the winners were not ready to apply self-determination principles for their own colonies. He had an active contribution among French socialists – he wrote articles for their newspaper.

1920 Inspired by Russian revolution he became a charter member of French Communist Party. He got jobs within Communist International – activities that were paid.

1923 He moved to Moscow. He spent two years to a university in Moscow and starting with that moment he became a professional revolutionary. One of his first tasks was to organize a revolutionary motion among Vietnamese exiles in Canton.

1930 He founded Vietnamese Communist Party (then changing its name into Indochinese Communist Party) in Hong Kong where he was arrested because of France’s request, country that had sent him to death in his absence.

1933 Irritating France, he was released. The next few years he lived exiled to Moscow and China and spent some time together with the following Chinese communist leader Mao Tzedun; this experience was unpleasant for him.

1941 This year he founded an independence motion that had hard communist aspects – Viet Min – in order to fight against Japanese who had conquered Vietnam. After that he adopted the war name Ho Chi Min that meant “That who enlightens” and by which he would be known for all his life. He became the enemy of anticommunist Cian Kai-Si’s government and was jailed by this for 18 months being released for the armed struggle for Vietnam’s independence.

1945 After Japan’s fall at the end of World War II, Ho Chi Min tricked Chinese and French people who had come back and skilfully moved Viet Mint to Hanoi. There, on the 2nd of September, he proclaimed Democratic Republic of Vietnam so becoming the first president. France, barely released from the German occupation and led by Charles de Gaulle, was not ready to give up to Vietnam, so that everything was ready for Ho Chi Min’s greatest fright to become true: the discussions were suspended and in 1994 the war against France started. Nobody believed that this scrawny little man with a thin beard would defeat none of the French people.

1954 Ho Chi Min had a great military commander, Vo Nguyen Giap, so that eight years of hard battles finished with French people’s defeat at Dien Bien Phu and North Vietnam became an internationally recognized country. But the country was divided. South Vietnam was under France and USA domination while North Vietnam, isolated of the world, failed under “Uncle Ho’s” leading into poverty and an ugly communist totalitarianism.

1959 Ho Chi Min had not finished yet. He continued to play the nationalism card keeping Russia and China into tension. He was very decided to reunite the country and from this year the North started to arm insurgents in South-West Congul, led by veterans of Viet Mint. Ho Chi Min’s health got difficult. He resigned from the party leadership in 1959 but remaining the chief of state.

1965 When Americans began to bomb Hanoi city, Ho Chi Min was leading the state at least symbolically and his name was written within the answer to a personal message from USA president, Lyndon Johnson: “We will never agree to negotiate under bombing threat”.

1969 On the 2nd of September Ho Chi Min had died at Hanoi, six years before his victorious troops conquered Saigon, but he remains one of the architects of the first and the only defeat of the strong USA. Ho Chi Min is undoubtedly the father of modern Vietnam.[1]



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