Constantine Miculescu (1863-1937)

Constantine Miculesc

1863 On the 6th of September Constantine Miculescu was born at Crevenicu, Teleorman County, Romania. He attended academic studies in Bucharest.

1891 As a bursar he studied to Paris where he got Ph.D. in sciences. He returned in the country and was appointed substitute teacher of University in Bucharest, to the former Department of Professor Bacaloglu.

1894 He was appointed tenured teacher.

His Ph.D. thesis, elaborated under Professor Lippmann’s leadership, “Mechanical Equivalent of Calorie” represents a remarkable contribution to accurate determination of this equivalent’s value. This work was originally done getting, because the special care and ingenious measures that were taken, more accurate values than those obtained by acknowledged physicists like Joule, Puluj and Hirn. Other important works are those concerned to “refractive index measurement”, “measurement of inner diameter of a thin tube” and “measurement of elasticity coefficient by acoustic method”. 

C. Miculescu had a nice and fruitful publishing and teaching activity. He guided and supported young and smart teachers to deepen Physics study by directly leading number of doctorates or by facilitating the departure abroad of other young people for the same goal.

He was also a General Inspector in education and member of Permanent Council of instruction due to his knowledge regarding specialized and education’s problems and also due to his widely recognized and appreciated probity.

1937 On the 29th of December, being 74 years old, he passed away but his name remained linked to determination of mechanical equivalent’s value of calorie; this value is used for calculations in all laboratories in the world as being the closest to reality.[1]



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