Dimitrie Negreanu (1858-1908)

Dimitrie Negreanu

1858 On the 25th of October Dimitrie Negreanu was born at Botosani where he also graduated the high school. Then he enrolled to University in Iasi but he moved to Bucharest.

1880 He got the license for Physics. Then he went back to Iasi as a Physics teacher at National High School. After three years he got a scholarship and went to Paris where he worked for his Ph.D. under Professor Lippmann’s leadership.

1889 He got Ph.D. in Physics. By his work he originally contributed to electrical conductivity study.

This year he also returned to Romania and was appointed teacher of Department of Electricity that was newly established within University of Bucharest. Here he founded an electricity laboratory for scientific researches. His activity was mostly related to scientific research publishing 37 works. So, we can quote: “Electric and Magnetic Measurements” (“Magnetic Susceptibility to Bucharest”, “H Magnetic Component”, “Mineral Water Resistivity”, and “Internal Resistance of Cell”), “Ores’ Electrically Separation”, “Establishment of Physical Constants”. He published academic courses and manuals for high school.

Many of his scientific communications were published within foreign professional journals.

Academic courses, called “Electricity” and “Gravity”, were the first academic ones typed into Romanian language. For his scientific academy he was elected Romanian Academy’s associate.

1908 On the 30th of April Dimitrie Negreanu passed away, in Bucharest, Romania.[1]




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