Ioan G. Popescu (1895-1958)

1895 He was born at Slatina, Olt County the place where he also attended primary school.

1913 He passed the final exam after attending high school in Pitesti.

1918 He got the license in physical sciences.

1919 He was appointed Assistant to molecular Physics, Acoustic and Photics laboratory of University in Bucharest.

1921 He left to Paris for Ph.D. studies and worked in Professor G. Lippmann’s research laboratory and after this died in that of A. Cotton.

1924 He defended his doctoral thesis.

1925 Returned to the country, he was promoted to Lecturer.

1929 He elaborated the general Physics course for his students from Sciences and Pharmacy.

1934 He was appointed teacher.

1935 He elaborated cosmic Physics course.

1940 He was employed to Faculty of Sciences in Bucharest.

1941 He moved to Experimental Physics Department of Faculty of Pharmacy in Bucharest.

He elaborated pharmaceutical Physics course and also Practical Works of Pharmaceutical Physics.

1943 He was appointed Prodean of Faculty of Pharmacy.

1946 He was appointed Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, position that he had until 1956.

Popescu’s main work is his doctoral thesis: “About Capillary and Photoelectric Features of Mercury” which was devoted some eulogistic pages by Professor Academician O.D. Hvolson from University in Leningrad within his Physics course. Except these, within his 43 original works he dealt with molecular Physics issues, spectroscopy, Earth’s Physics, seismology and polarography.

Popescu was also a good disseminator of science publishing a series of works like: “Atomic Nuclei Problem” (1933), “Modern Physics Universe” (1935), “Electrons’ World” (1943), “Nuclear Energy” (1951), “About Atoms” (1951) and other diversified articles within newspapers.

As Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, during ten years he managed Pharmacy Faculty’s organization in Bucharest, whose place had been destroyed due to bombarding in 1944. Mostly because of his efforts, teaching and scientific activity for faculty he had appreciated progresses and results. Professor I. G. Popescu dedicated his entire life to studies, science, to laboratory work and to teaching activity. He loved his students feeling the warmth of parental love, gently urging and guiding them as a true teacher. During his entire scientific-teaching activity he understood and highlighted practicing role as science’s go off and final goal. So, he succeeded to correctly apply Physics to Pharmacy’s needs turning it into a precious tool of pharmacist regarding analysis and control work of drugs.

During his last years of life he studied professional hygiene issues, like human poisoning problem and lead problem.

1958 Ioan G. Popescu died.[1]




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