Teodor Stamati (1812-1852)

1812 He was born in a village in Moldavia, graduated with distinction the first studies in Iasi then he studied at Vienna as a bursar and got Ph. D. in Philosophy and Fine Arts. Returned in the country he had different jobs: repeater to a pension, corrector of “Bee” magazine, teacher at Vasiliana School in Iasi, teacher of “high Mathematics and theoretical and experimental Physics for high grades of Michaelian Academy”.

1840 The first Physics laboratory was founded at Iasi, within Michaelian Academy by Theodore Stamati’s initiative.

1852 Theodore Stamati died. Even he prematurely died, being 40, he had a rich contribution to cultural level’s increase in Romania. So, he published a series of teaching books among which: “Geometry by Kries”, “Experimental Physics by Muncke”, “Elementary Physics for College” and “Popular Physics”, popularizing works, dictionaries (of technical words and German-Romanian) and also belletristic works.

He is rightly considered “founder of elementary Physics in Romania” due to his prodigious activity, especially for Physics.[1]




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