Theophilus T. Vescan (1913-1963)

Theophilus T. Vescan

1913 Theophilus T. Vescan he was born at Bratislava (Slovakia nowadays, the former Czechoslovakia), where his father was a clerk. During World War I his family moved to Cluj, Romania,  and young Theophilus attended here secondary school within Pedagogical Institute being winner of the entire school. He attended academic studies at Cluj, Bucharest and Paris.

1935 He got the degree in Physics at Cluj when he was appointed Junior Teacher of Applied and Theoretical Physics Department for Professor Maior.

1936 He got the degree in Mathematics.

1937 He obtained the capacity diploma as Secondary Teacher.

1939 He prepared his Ph. D. thesis.

1941-1942 After World War II had started, remaining in Northern Transylvania, he worked as a teacher for Romanian High School in Cluj, but soon, because of Antifascist propaganda he did among young people, he was admitted to the forced labor camp from Breatcu, where he was abused.

1942 His first manual of “Elementary Introduction to Physics”, for high school students, appeared at Cluj (Edition II, 1943).

1943 Succeeding to refuge in Romania, he continued his Communist activity as a member of Romanian Communist Party since 1938. For his illegal patriotic political activity he was awarded with “Liberation from the Fascist Yoke” medal and during Iasi University’s centenary he got “Labor Work”.

1944 He was appointed Lecturer of Bolyai University from Cluj.

1945 He got by competition the position as a Mechanics teacher within the same university.

1947 Manual “Elementi mechanica” (“Theoretical Mechanics) appeared for students of Bolyai University.

1948 He moved to Babes University from Cluj.

1950 Vescan was transferred to A. I. Cuza University from Iasi, where he founded a Theoretical Physics and Matter’s Structure Department.

1951 He got the leadership of an institute that he had also organized, Institute of Physics and Technical Sciences of Romanian Academy Branch. He also performed an intensive activity within editorial board of “Scientific Studies and Researches” magazine of Romanian Academy in Iasi and also for Scientific Annals of Al. I. Cuza University from Iasi.

1957 His most important manual, “Theoretical Physics”, appeared consisting of two volumes, printed at Bucharest.

T.T. Vescan’s publishing activity was very varied and high. It can be proved by the 370 scientific articles and works of politics, of science popularization and textbooks.

Vescan had also the idea to publish a collection regarding modern Physics foundations but only three volumes appeared.

In the end of his life, Vescan studied corpuscles, elementary particles’ features and especially their structure in extended spatial patterns and these structures’ consequences.

1963 T.T. Vescan was a man endowed with a sensitive temper; he was always polite, he liked arguing but respecting the others’ opinion and without giving up to his beliefs. Death abducted him early in full educational and scientific activity.

     Vescan’s scientific activity was more concerned to theoretical Physics, even if he dealt with experimental Physics issues. His works are diversified like: “Relativity Theory”, “Models of Corpuscles”, “Natural Radioactivity”, “Theoretical Physics”, “Ideology and Sciences’ History”.[1]



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