Alexandru Cișman (1897-1967)

Alexandru Cișman

1897 He was born at Iasi, Romania, where he graduated National High School. He was a Romanian physicist, Associate of Romanian Academy from 1963.

1919 Cisman joined academic education as Assistant of Iasi University’s Physics laboratory and then he was advanced to Lecturer and then to Associate for radiotechnics and then to Polytechnic in Iasi.

1921 He passed the license after graduating Faculty of Science within University in Iasi.

1924 Under Professor P. Bogdan’s leadership he passed Ph.D. in Physics sustaining a thesis about “Speed of Sound into Liquids”. After finishing Ph.D. work, for which he measured the speed of sound propagation into liquids contained in tubes of different sizes and material through direct method of oscilocope recording and checking modern theories, Cisman moved to electromagnetic oscillations.

This first stage’s works are regarding new oscillator models with rarefied gases or mercury vapors, new amplifiers models, studies of dielectric constants and dipole moments, gas ionizations, disruptive potentials to high frequency.

During the same year he left to University in Nancy,  France, in order to study and research; here he worked in Professor Gutton’s laboratory until 1926.

1930 He attended specialization studies and researches to Polytechnic in Dresden, Germany, under Professor Barkhausen’s leadership.

1938 He took by competition Radiotechnics Department of Polytechnic in Iasi.

1941 He took Physics Department within the same institution.

1948 He was transferred to Polytechnic Institute in Timisoara, as Head of Department of General Physics. Being here, where there were not possibilities for researches, Cisman established a magnetic researches laboratory. During this last stage of his activity he dealt almost exclusively with problems related to internal mechanism of magnetization.

1951 He was appointed Head of Physics Researches at R.P.R. Academy Base in Timisoara, Romania.

1962 He also took Department of Electricity that was newly established at University in Timisoara.

1963 He was elected member of R.P.R. Academy.

1967 Alexandru Cisman passed away. Except pure Physics works, Cisman also dealt with Applied Physics issues. So, on the request of Metallurgical factory in Resita, he studied physic-pathological aspects of compressed air hammers using and their removal. He invented a practical method to purify pyrolusite of Iacobeni in order to make galvanic elements. He also invented a method to nickel in Fe-Ni alloy.

Cisman was an excellent author of teaching books. His General Physics handbook (of which two volumes appeared) had three editions. As a human being he had a lively temper, an honest friend and an art lover, especially of music.[1]




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