Madalina Manole (1967-2010)

Madalina Manole

1967 On July 14th, Valenii de Munte, Prahova county, Romania, Anca Magdalena Manole was born. She was known as Madalina Manole, the first child of John and Eugenia Manole. She sang folk, folklore, light, disco and pop music, but she was also a composer and an instrumentalist.

1968 Her only brother, Marian, was born.

1980 She took part, together with Mihaela Runceanu and Laura Stoica, in a tournament in Ardeal, which had as a goal the fundraising for the financial revitalization of State Theatre in Oradea.

1982 At the age of 15 years old, she debuted in music to Youth Cenacle in Prahova. In the same time, Madalina continued her studies, attending the courses of Chemistry High School in Ploiesti, which she graduated later.

1982–1985 She attended the classes of Art School, being a member of the group which had like mentors Mihaela Runceanu and Ionel Tudor.

1988 She participated to Mamaia Festival with the song: “A Feeling Man” composed by Serban Georgescu. It was the beginning of a successful collaboration between them.

1989 The singer climbed on stage of Amara festival, show which she would have loved during her professional career that is why she went twice to this ceremony in Ialomita.

1991 She got Golden Disc for the album called “Dear Girl”. After this, Madalina Manole got another two Golden Discs, for two million units sales (LP and MC). “Billboard” magazine noticed her performance at the moment.

1993 She was designated the best pop artist on Radio Contact top, and as a result, she was invited to Brussels, where she filmed in the studios of Belgian Radio Contact a video for the song “Do Not Lie Me”. “7 Extra” magazine considered her “Patricia Kaas of Romania”.

1994 Her relation with composer Serban Ionescu became official.

1997 She launched an album named “Lina, Lina Madalina”, a disc that helped her to enter the roll of a great international producer – Polygram Group.      

2000 She obtained distinctions for the best pop interpreter and for the best female voice of the year, to Romania Radio Awards and to Music Industry Awards in Romania. This year, the album “Sweetest” was considered by Radio Romania News the best pop album

2009 On October, Madalina married second time, to Petru Mircea, the father of her son, Petru Jr.

2010 On February 19th, Madalina Manole launched another album. It is called “A New Madalina Manole”, which is the 9th album of the artist.

On July 14th, even on her birthday, Madalina Manole died. The singer was found dead in her house. The investigators established that the artist had killed herself, swallowing a highly toxic pesticide called carbofuran (named as Furadan), and the death had come in few minutes. She did not have a common funeral, because she had killed herself, but she got a special funeral service. She was buried in Bolovani cemetery in Ploiesti.

Immediately after her death, a conflict appeared between Madalina’s parents and her husband, Petru Mircea. The main problems were the child custody, the artist’s fortune and the circumstances of her death. The fight was a very long one which happened both in mass-media and courts.



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