Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

Michael Jackson

1958 On August 29th, Michael Joseph Jackson was born, in Gary, Indiana, USA, in an African-American family. His parents, Katherine and Joseph Jackson, had nine children: Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, La Toya, Marlon, Randy, Janet and Michael, who was the seventh. His father was a guitarist in a band called The Falcons, but gave up to his own aspirations in order to offer a future to his family. Thus, the future his father wanted for the family, especially to children, was done using violence. Michael talked openly about the violent behaviour of his father in 1993, in an interview gave to Oprah Winfrey.

1964 He debuted together with his brothers, Marlon, Jackie, Tito and Jermaine in a band named The Jackson 5. It is said that he and his brothers repeated for many hours with their father, who became violent every time when things went wrong. The Jackson 5 recorded many songs, like “Big Boy”, “I Want You Back”, “ABC”, “The Love You Save”, “I’ll Be There”, “Dancing Machine” and “I Am Love”.

1971 He started his solo career, being again a member of the band. With this step, Michael had more and more success for each launched album.

1972-2008 During this period, because of the launched discs, he enshrined himself in music history. His next albums brought the title of “King of Pop Music”: “Got To Be There” and “Ben” (1972), “Music & Me” (1973), “Forever, Michael” (1975), “Off the Wall” (1979), “Thriller” (1982), (this disc had a huge success, it was and it continues to be the best-selling album of all times), “Bad” (1987), “Dangerous” (1991), “HIStory” (1995), “Blood on the Dance Floor” (1997), “Invincible” (2001), “Number Ones” (2003), “The Ultimate Collection” (2004), “The Essential” – Disc 1 and “The Essential” – Disc 2 (2005), “Thriller 25” (2008).

Michael Jackson did not like only the stage, he also played in some  movies, like: “The Wiz” (1978), “Captain EO” (1986), “Moonwalker” (1988), “Ghosts” (1997), “Men in Black II” (2002), “Miss Cast Away and the Island Girls” (2004).

1980 He was given three awards within American Music Awards (“The Most Popular Soul/R&B Music Album”, “The Most Popular Soul/R&B Singer” and “The Best Soul/R&B Single Disc”. This year, he was also offered another two awards by Billboard Music Awards “The Best Black Performer” and “The Best Album of a Black Performer”), and another Grammy Award (“The Best R&B Interpretation of a Black Performer”), all these awards for the song called “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”.

1982 He was given another Grammy Award for “Someone in the Dark” from the movie “E.T, the Alien” at “The Best Children Album” category.

1983 On March 3rd, within a TV show, he made for the first time the dance movement which would have become famous, moonwalk. The show was watched by almost 47 million viewers.

1984 On January 27th, Michael suffered an accident during filming a commercial for Pepsi Cola Company, accident which provoked him second-degree burns on his head. He received loss from Pepsi, 1.5 million dollars, money which he donated to a hospital. This year, too, on May 14th, Michael was invited to the White House by President Ronald Reagan. He was awarded by this for the works of mercy. He also won other 8 Grammy Awards.

1986 This year, he was diagnosed with vitiligo, a disease which made his skin white and sensitive to sun light. Gossips said that he would have voluntary discoloured his skin, but his dermatologist, Arnold Klein, denied those statements telling: “Michael was extremely proud of the fact that he was a Black, but the appearance of the white spots on his face and on the body gave him a pretty bad look”. Due to this he suffered many plastic surgeries.

1988 Michael launched autobiographic book “Moon Walk”. Here, he tells about childhood, father’s violence, Jackson 5 band, and also about plastic surgeries. The book was sold in over 200.000 copies. This year, too, Michael bought a land of 11 square kilometres for Neverland’s building, a leisure park which had to consist of carousels, a zoo and a cinema. The investment cost almost 17 billion dollars.

1992 He established “Heal the World” foundation, which organized many works of mercy.

1994 This year an accusation against him shook the world. A child of 13 years old sustained he had been sexually abused by megastar. Because there was not any criminal complaint, Michael was found innocent. It seems that Michael paid million dollars to child’s family in order to end this story.

On May 26th, he married to a singer, Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis Presley’s daughter. After two years, the marriage finished.

1996 On November 14th, Michael married second time to Deborah Jeanne Rowe. Together they had two children: Prince Michael and Paris Michael Katherine. This marriage ended after three years.

2002 The third child was born. M. J. turned to a surrogate mother in order to give birth to Prince Michael Jackson II.

2003 A new pedophilia accusation appeared against Michael. Reporter Martin Bashir, who was allowed by him to record in the house in Neverland for a documentary called “Living with Michael Jackson”, told that the singer was sleeping with many children in the bed.

2005 After an investigation, Michael Jackson was found not guilty.

2008 Newspapers announced that he had changed to Islamic Religion, fact that was denied by one of his lawyers.

Michael Jackson had three great tournaments: Bad World Tour (1987-1989), Dangerous World Tour (1992-1993) and HIStory World Tour (1996-1997).

2009 On March, M.J. sustained a last tournament named “This Is It”. He did not start it because on June 25th he suffered a heart attack. Resuscitation manoeuvres of his personal doctor and of the intervention team that came there were in vain. He was declared dead at the hospital, two hours later. Funeral took place on July 7th in Los Angeles, in Forest Lawn cemetery. Post-mortem, on October 28th, took place the premiere of “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”. The movie is a documentary which consists of Michael’s repeating hours for “This Is It” tournament.

2009 Post-mortem, “This Is It” album appeared.

2010 “Michael” album was launched, too.

2011 Post-mortem, “Imortal” album appeared. On November 7th, Conrad Murray, Michael’s personal doctor, was condemned at 4 years to jail for reckless killing.

In the last time, there was a hypothesis that Michael would not have died and he had staged his death in order not to pay the huge liabilitiy. Private funeral and many other people who look like Michael, people seen on the streets of big cities of the world, had sparked controversy upon his death.




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